School Policies

Please find below links to the school policies. If the policy you are searching for is not on this list then please email the school office using the link provided and they will be happy to assist.

If you require paper copies of any of our policies or information found on this website please contact the school office.


Appraising Teacher Performance Policy 2016

Attendance Policy 2016

Accessibility Plan 2017 Update

Accessibility Plan 

Behaviour Policy 2016

Charging Policy

Child Protection Policy 2016

Child Protection Policy Appendix 2017

Complaints Policy 2016

DT Policy 2014

Educational Visits Policy 2015

Equal Opportunities Policy 2016

Exclusion Policy Draft 2017

Handwriting Policy 2016

Health and Safety Policy 2016

Marking and Feedback Policy September 2016

Pupil Premium Policy June 2016

Privacy Policy

Re Policy Draft

Pay Policy September 2017

Sex Education Policy 2016

Teaching and Learning Policy 2014

School Visitors Policy

Whistleblowing Policy 2014

Work Placement Policy 2014

Send (Special Education Needs Policy) 2016

Medway School Accessibility Strategy

More Able & Talented Dec 2015

Social Media Policy