Family Support Worker

Family and Pupil Support Worker: Rachel Harris


I'm Rachel

I was appointed Family and Pupil Support Worker from June 2018.


My role is to liaise between parents and the school and to be a point of contact as well as support for parents and children if they have any concerns, issues, worries or feedback they want to raise or discuss. I am here to listen to any queries no matter how large or small.


My previous experience includes working with vulnerable children and young people with emotional and behaviour needs as well as working closely with their families, social workers and other relevant professionals attending regular meetings and appointments. All enquires will be dealt with in strict confidence.


Parents are able to contact me either through the school office or via my direct line, or you can email me and I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

My contact details are:

Direct dial: 01634 33 25 66

School office: 01636 33 25 50



I am available for informal chats when on gate duty, so please feel free to come up and say hello.


As a Family and Pupil Support Worker, it is my aim to build good strong working relationships with the parents and children of Wainscott Primary School.