Friends of Wainscott School


All Committee Members 2017/18

Chairperson – Laura Sackley

Vice-Chairperson – Joanne Lawrence  

Secretary – Nicola Butler

Treasurer 1 – Clare Stubbington

Treasurer 2 – Carlene Goodearl

Purchaser – Tara Asbury

Community Liaison - Joanne Lawrence

Teacher liaison - Janey Rushby

School liaison - Claire smith

Shadow treasurer - Lisa smart 

Trustees – All committe members


Class Representatives

NurseryEmma Johnson

Reception – Janellen Redington/Claire McGlone  (RJL) Donna Nesbitt/Nichola Stevens  (RVB)

Year 1 – Angela last (1LS) Claire Lee (1JBR)

Year 2 –  Katie Jeffery/Laura Wightman (2LM) Janellen Redington (2RK)

Year 3 – Gemma Everard (3JC) Natalie Crick (3ZD)

Year 4 – Tracey Moon-brown (4KW) Debbie Westwood (4JM)

Year 5 – Donna Nesbit/Amee Swatton (5CB)

Year 6 – Lisa smart (6JN)


Please contact the committee or your year rep if you need anything, have any suggestions or can help us in any way.


How we raise money for the School:


Funds Raised 2015/16

Disco £759.87, Tag Day £190.55

Mothers Day £728.38, Wine & Wisdom Quiz £623.00

Boat Race £158.68, Summer Fayre £2,318.39

Fathers Day £488.16, Christmas Fayre £2,054.53.


How we have used the funds raised:

Swimming Donations

Dinosaur/Gorilla statue

WW1 Postbox

Class wishlists (books, sports equipment, wet play)

Extended School Clubs

A Midsummers Night Dream donations

Easter Eggs



All the above monies have been raised over many years by the hard work of many parents/carers committees.


How you can help:

We look forward to a productive year and to the future success of the FoWS.


Dates for your diary


Friday 9th Febuary - (End of Term Disco) KS1 Disco 3.30 - 4.45 KS2 Disco 5.00pm - 6.30pm

March 9th - Mother's Day Sale

April 27th - (Quiz night)

June 15th - Father's Day Sale

July 6th - Summer Fayre


AGM Minutes

Thursday 6th October 2016

Wednesday 14th October 2015

Wednesday 4th October 2015


FoWS Newsletters

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Constitution of The Friends of Wainscott School

Click here to see our constitution doc


To contact the Friends of Wainscott School by email:

Telephone: 07581867781

Facebook: FoWS Fundraising and event info page

Twitter: tbc