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EYFS- Ladybird, Butterfly and Dragonfly Classes

                                                        Miss Hatfield Butterfly Class Teacher/EYFS Lead
Miss Sultana Dragonfly Class Teacher
Miss Wilson Butterfly Class Teacher-Monday and Tuesday
Miss Atkins EYFS TA
Miss Layton EYFS TA
Mrs Nicolaou EYFS Teacher
Miss Greenway EYFS TA
Miss Benjafield Nursery Practitioner/Room Leader
Miss Ally Nursery Practitioner
Miss Paulicelli



If you require any further information, or would like to discuss your child’s learning. Please make an appointment via the school office.

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Our texts this term

Nursery   Reception


EYFS Term 4 Week 3


All the children in EYFS enjoyed celebrating World Book Day both at school as well as at home. The children were all set a challenge to decorate a potato and transform it into their favourite story book character. 


All the children had an opportunity to decorate a potato and turn it into their favourite storybook characters.



We were also really lucky to have a virtual Author visit from Saviour Pirotta, the children at school and at home were all able to join the Teams session. Saviour Pirotta read to us the his story 'The Unicorn Prince' which was also our focus book for the week. 

Following on from our storytelling session, the children in Reception received a special letter from Princess Annis who had asked the children to help her make some homes for the fairies. The children decided that the nature area would be a great home for the fairies so we headed over there and to our amazement the fairies had moved in! The children were all so surprised! 

What a great term it has been! It was lovely to welcome all of the children back this term. The children were so excited to come back to school and loved seeing all of their friends again! It was lovely to have some normality back! We are SO SO proud of our EYFS children (and parents) for working so hard at home.

In phonics, Reception have been using Jolly Phonics songs and actions and have been learning phase 2 and phase 3 sounds. The children have been learning what these sounds look like and have been practising letter formations. As well as writing the letters on whiteboards, the children have been practising by writing the letter on their hands, in the air, on their partner’s backs and in sand and glitter trays.


This term in literacy, we began our topic of ‘Fairytales’. Reception began the topic by thinking about Mother’s Day. They read the book ‘I love my mummy’ and made Mother’s Day cards. The children thought about why they love their mummy and all the special things their mummy does for them. Then, the children read ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. They arrived in the classroom on Monday morning to find some giant foot prints, some magic beans and a golden egg lying around in the classroom. They thought about who could it be and what should we do. The children read a letter from the giant to Jack, saying how upset he was about what Jack had done. Then, they wrote a letter back to the Giant from Jack saying how sorry he was. Later in the term, the children read ‘George and the Dragon’. We discussed fears and what it means to be brave. Then the children wrote about their own fears.


In maths, Reception have focussed on number. The children began the term by learning how to double numbers to 5. The children learnt that they needed to add the same number twice to double a number. Then, the children were introduced to teen numbers. They practised counting from 10-20 and ordering teen numbers. They had to think very carefully about what the number looked like and the formation of the number. Later in the term, the children learnt about 2D shapes. They learnt the name the shapes, how many sides the shapes have (curved or straight), and how many corners the shapes have. The children also sorted the shapes based on their properties, for example curved sides and straight sides and corners and no corners. They also went on a 2D shape hunt around our classroom. The children had to explain what shapes they could find and explain how they knew it was that shape; for example: I know it’s a triangle because it has 3 sides. They also practised making 2D shapes using matchsticks.

Term 5 - Mini-beasts

Our Texts:

Nursery   Reception


EYFS Newsletter Term 5 April 2021

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