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Year 1 -Grasshopper Class


                                                      Mrs Khela                        Mrs Redington                Miss Rushby        Mrs Constable

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Grasshopper Class Weekly Timetable

Term 5 Whacky Weather

This term our topic is called 'Whacky Weather.' The children will be engaging in a variety of weather based activities. During the topic there will be some fantastic opportunities to deepen our understanding of weather patterns, what causes our weather and seasonal change through a variety of experiments. We will take our learning outside and explore further in the nature area at Forest School. We will be finding out about the weather in different countries as well as some extreme weather.

Our core text this term is  'Wild Weather Soup,'  In this book, which introduces Winifred Weathervane, takes a well-earned break from making the weather, with hilarious consequences. An excellent read-to-story, with Winifred Weathervane, the wonderful lady who makes the weather. She lives in the clouds, and cooks weather soup. Join Winifred as she must fix the weather when she leaves the black cauldron on her stove for too long! This book is a great way to introduce young readers to weather. We will be learning about instructions and we all read instruction texts on a daily basis. The children will be taught how to recognise the main features and write instructions as part of our Literacy work. We will write instructions to make their very own weather soup just like Winifred Weathervane, exploring grammar and fiction as well as linking our writing to other areas of the curriculum too. We will involve the children in exciting projects  from creating weather dances, to recording weather observations to being involved in art projects such as, using various materials to design and make their very own weather stations!


If you would like to explore the weather and find out some amazing facts in an interactive way, please click on the picture below.


Grasshopper Class Newsletter Term 5 April 2021

Core Values

In our learning we aim to incorprate our school core values: tolerance, resilience, curiosity and creativity. What core values will we be using this term?







Term 4 Traditional Tales

Once upon a time, up an enormous green beanstalk in the clouds which hung over Wainscott, Strood there was a mystical, mysterious fairy tale land. This fairy tale land wasn’t like any other fairy tale land as it had a special fortress by the name of Wainscott Primary school.  It was filled with curious learners and a such a happy community…


Yes, that right this term we are going to learn about a variety of Traditional Tales– focusing on the features of writing as well as reinforcing the key elements of grammar that make stories come alive. We will link our writing to other areas of the curriculum too. This term we will be looking at Traditional Tales. Each week we will introduce a new story, sharing the text via books, the interactive white board (IWB) and role play. We will be looking at the characters within, the homes they lived in, the morals of the story and the lay out and sequence of a traditional fairy tale. To support your child's learning we will read the children a variety of pieces of the same story to compare and contrast. During the topic there will be some fantastic opportunities to retell stories using story boards, maps and puppets, look at houses and homes and build structures like bridges in Science and talk about emotions to develop a deeper understanding of right and wrong and linking this with our school core values. You may already be familiar with some of these traditional tales. Which one is your favourite? Which Traditional fairy tale characters can you spot in this picture?



Grasshopper Class Newsletter Term 4 February 2021


We are very lucky to have a famous author, Saviour Pirotta, visit our school virtually for the day on 

Friday 5th March. Saviour Pirotta is the best-selling author of over 100 children's books. Based in the UK, his work ranges from novelty titles for toddlers to short novels and collections of fairy tales. As a child he used to write poems, stories and plays which he performed with friends under a huge mulberry tree in a field. He sold his first work to a local radio station for five pounds and in 1982, he moved to England with the hope of becoming a professional writer. His first book, Let the Shadows Fly, was published in 1986. Since then he has established himself as a versatile writer with many bestsellers to his record. He writes in English but his work has been translated into 28 languages to date.                                       



We were set a task to create a character for World Book Day out of a potato. We had to create a world (or setting) for our potato character. This could be based on the story that our character is from, or it could be an entirely new world that our character might want to explore or visit! Here are our potato characters and settings. 











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Grasshopper Class Newsletter Term 3 January 2021

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