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Year 1 -Grasshopper Class


                                                      Mrs Khela                        Mrs Redington                Miss Rushby        Mrs Constable

If you require any further information, or would like to discuss your child's learning, please make an appointment via the school office.

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Term 4 Traditional Tales

Once upon a time, up an enormous green beanstalk in the clouds which hung over Wainscott, Strood there was a mystical, mysterious fairy tale land. This fairy tale land wasn’t like any other fairy tale land as it had a special fortress by the name of Wainscott Primary school.  It was filled with curious learners and a such a happy community…


Yes, that right this term we are going to learn about a variety of Traditional Tales– focusing on the features of writing as well as reinforcing the key elements of grammar that make stories come alive. We will link our writing to other areas of the curriculum too. This term we will be looking at Traditional Tales. Each week we will introduce a new story, sharing the text via books, the interactive white board (IWB) and role play. We will be looking at the characters within, the homes they lived in, the morals of the story and the lay out and sequence of a traditional fairy tale. To support your child's learning we will read the children a variety of pieces of the same story to compare and contrast. During the topic there will be some fantastic opportunities to retell stories using story boards, maps and puppets, look at houses and homes and build structures like bridges in Science and talk about emotions to develop a deeper understanding of right and wrong and linking this with our school core values. You may already be familiar with some of these traditional tales. Which one is your favourite? Which Traditional fairy tale characters can you spot in this picture?


If you want to hear some traditional tales, you can listen to some on Oxford Owl where we select our reading material. Click on the picture below and select a traditional tale you would like to listen to.


Core Values

Every week we will focus on one of our school core values: tolerance, resilience, curiosity and creativity.


      Week 1: We will be focussing on the core value 'creativity.'   


We have been busy being creative. We have made house from different materials. Look at our houses:







Week 2: We will be focussing on the core value 'curiosity.'



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