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School Welcome

Welcome To

Wainscott Primary School

Year 1 - Hedgehog Class


Mr Hayward and Mrs Whitehead



If you require any further information, or would like to discuss your child’s learning. Please make an appointment via the school office.

Thank you for visiting our class page.

Hedgehog Class Timetable

Term 6 Queen and Country



Our core text is:

The Queen’s Knickers

Queen Elizabeth has so many pairs of knickers but one day they all vanish!

We will be learning about description, labelling and designing a new pair of knickers.



Geography and History

People and Place

 We will be looking at the different capital cities and countries in the UK. We will investigate some of the landmarks in our capital city – London and look at different maps of London – including the tube map. We will look carefully about how people who live there get around London.   We will also learn about the Queen – where she lives, what she does and why she is so famous. We will use this information to create our very own fact crowns!



We will deepen our understanding of plants by planting some more seeds/seedlings and watching them grow at Forest School. We will look at the parts of a sunflower and its' lifecycle!


Art and DT

The children will be creating and using different media to create London Sunset skyline pictures, being creative by designing new transport for London and creating Environmental Art around the theme of Earth. 


Family Learning Project

We would like you to


Create a 3D model of a London/British Landmark

(about as big as a shoebox)




Draw a map of London to help the Queen find her Knickers!

You could use a tube map or Google Maps to help you.

Or you could draw it like a treasure map!


Bring it in by

Friday 9th July

Wainscott Primary KS1 'What a Wonderful World'

KS1's performance for the Primary First Trust Sing-Along

Hedgehog Term 6 Newsletter

Term 5 Wacky Weather



This term we will be learning about instructions, exploring grammar and fiction.

Our core text is:

Wild Weather Soup

Winifred Weathervane takes a well-earned break from making the weather with hilarious consequences!




Wacky Weather


This term, our topic is ‘Wacky Weather.’ The children will be engaging in a variety of weather based activities.



 From creating weather dances to recording daily observations, the children will build on their knowledge of seasonal and daily weather patterns in the U.K. We will look at understanding the hot and cold areas of the world as well as developing locational knowledge and early geographical skills.



We will deepen our understanding of weather patterns, how weather happens and seasonal change through a variety of experiments.  We will take our learning outside and explore further in the nature area at Forest School.



The children will be using various materials to design and make their very own weather stations and weather scenes exploring hot and cold colours.



Family Learning Project

We would like you to



Create your own

Weather Mobile

Please write a sentence or two about your creation or an interesting fact about it!




Keep a

Weather Diary

for one week. You could write or draw your answers.

What was the weather doing?

What did you wear? What was the temperature?

How much rain fell?


Bring it in by

Friday 21st May


We can sing a rainbow

Year 1 singing 'I can sing a rainbow' for our Weather topic

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Wonderful Weather Mobiles and Recipies

World Book Day 2021

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