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Year 2 - Fox Class



                          Miss Ollerenshaw (Teacher)    Miss Rushby (HLTA)   Mrs Greenway (HLTA)    Mrs Mackinnon (TA)         

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If you require any further information, or would like to discuss your child’s learning. Please make an appointment via the school office.

Fox Class Weekly Timetable

Term 6 - London's Burning

It's 1666 and Vlad the flea and his friend Boxton the rat, love eating and biting their way around London. Life as a flea can be so much fun, but one night in the bakery in Pudding Lane, a light flickered gently in the corner and smoke curled around the ceiling...

Vlad and Boxton are caught up in a fire that threatens to destroy them, along with most of the City of London. Will they manage to survive and will their knowledge of London help them to escape?



There isn't much Vlad doesn't know about the fire, the people and London, but how much do you know and are you the next Samuel Pepys?

Fox Class Newsletter Term 6 June 2021

Fox Class "London's Burning"

Year 2 Summer 2 Spelling List A

Year 2 Summer 2 Spelling List B

Term 5 - Exciting Explorers

This term our topic is Exciting Explorers and our core text is The Green Ship by Quentin Blake. We will go on the journey with the children in the text as well as learn about other famous explorers such as Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong. To be a true explorer you need courage , a sense of adventure and plenty of common sense. Foxes - are you ready for the adventure?




Two children find the Green Ship when they climb over the wall into what is more like a forest than a garden. The ship has bushes for bows and stern and its funnels are trees; a small garden shed on an ancient stump is the wheel house and in command of the ship is the owner of the garden, old Mrs Tredegar. Throughout the summer she and the Bosun and the two children sail the Seven Seas visiting exotic faraway places and having wonderful adventures. Where would you choose to go?


Term 5 - What we have been up to?


We have built shelters and made fire with Mr Hayward at Forest School...






We had fun learning about movement and turns with the bee-bots...






We wore numbers for NSPCC Number Day...




Here are just some of our finished art pieces...










Fox Class Newsletter Term 5 April 2021

Year 2 Summer 1 Spelling List A

Year 2 Summer 1 Spelling List B

Term 4 - Enchanted Woodland


This term, our class's core text is ‘The Gruffalo’, written by Julia Donaldson. In this exciting story, a little, brown mouse strolls through the deep, dark wood and encounters predators (a fox, an owl and a snake). Each of these animals, clearly wanting to eat the little, brown mouse, invites him to each of their homes for a meal. The clever, little, brown mouse does not accept their invitations, using tricks to escape being made into dinner!



We will be using this great text to focus our writing to plan, draft and write our own versions of ‘The Gruffalo’ story. Maybe the small mouse will bump into a badger, woodpecker or a squirrel on his wonder in the deep dark wood before they meet the Gruffalo? We will use the text to also support our GPaS lessons and look at different sentence types using adjectives and different punctuation marks including inverted commas (speech marks). 


This text is one our favourite books, but I wonder, have you read any other books written by Julia Donaldson? Which was your favourite and why? Have you noticed any similarities between her stories, or even the illustrations? This is something we will be looking at as part of our learning this term too!



Fox Class Newsletter Term 4 February 2021

Year 2 Spring 2 Spelling List A

Year 2 Spring 2 Spelling List B

Term 4 - What have we been up to?


In science, we went on a plant hunt and then completed some research about what plants we found.



We even planted our very own sunflowers to help us understand what plants need to survive.



We wrote some instructions on how to make a sandwich then followed these instructions. We got to eat our sandwiches while watching The Gruffalo!





We got to have an Easter egg hunt in the nature area...





We even had time for some outdoor learning for maths!






We were very lucky to have a famous author, Saviour Pirotta, visit our school virtually for the day on Friday 5th March. Saviour Pirotta is the best-selling author of over 100 children's books. Based in the UK, his work ranges from novelty titles for toddlers to short novels and collections of fairy tales. As a child he used to write poems, stories and plays which he performed with friends under a huge mulberry tree in a field. He sold his first work to a local radio station for five pounds and in 1982, he moved to England with the hope of becoming a professional writer. His first book, Let the Shadows Fly, was published in 1986. Since then he has established himself as a versatile writer with many bestsellers to his record. He writes in English but his work has been translated into 28 languages to date.    



Fox Class Newsletter Term 3 January 2021

Year 2 Spring 1 Spelling List A

Year 2 Spring 1 Spelling List B

Term 3 - Home Learning


We have been busy being creative, Fox Class have made lots of different things all around our topic dinosaurs. Look at our creations!



Fox Class Newsletter Term 2 November 2020

Year 2 Autumn 2 Spelling List A

Year 2 Autumn 2 Spelling List B

Fox Class Newsletter Term 1 September 2020

Year 2 Autumn 1 Spelling List A

Year 2 Autumn 1 Spelling List B

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