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Wainscott Primary School

Year 2 - Robin Class


     Mrs Greenway                Mrs Callaway

If you require any further information, or would like to discuss your child's learning, please make an appointment via the school office.

Thank you for visiting our class page.


This term our topic is Exciting Explorers and our core text is The Green Ship by Quentin Blake. We will go on the journey with the children in the text as well as learn about other famous explorers such as Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong. To be a true explorer you need courage , a sense of adventure and plenty of common sense. Robin class- are you up for the challenge?



Two children find the Green Ship when they climb over the wall into what is more like a forest than a garden. The ship has bushes for bows and stern and its funnels are trees; a small garden shed on an ancient stump is the wheel house and in command of the ship is the owner of the garden, old Mrs Tredegar. Throughout the summer she and the Bosun and the two children sail the Seven Seas visiting exotic faraway places and having wonderful adventures. Where would you choose to go?



Robin Class Newsletter Term 5 April 2021

Robin Class Timetable

Robin Class Term 5 Spelling Lists

Please find below term 5 spelling lists for Year 2. We would appreciate it if you would spend the time helping your child practise them throughout the week using a variety of spelling strategies. You could ask your child to write them down, say them aloud, ask them which sound comes first or last. It's also good practice for the children to write sentences which include these words. The children will be tested every week on a Thursday. Each colour group has a list for each week of this term. Spellings will be copied into the child's reading contact book on a Monday and the results of their test will be recorded here also.

Forest School & Number Day Term 5



This term, our class's core text is The Gruffalo, written by Julia Donaldson. In this exciting story, a small, brown mouse walks through the deep, dark woods and encounters predators (first a fox, then an owl, and finally a snake). Each of these animals, clearly planning to eat the mouse, invites him to their home for a meal. The cunning mouse does not accept the offers, using clever tricks to escape danger and stop any further advances!





We will be using this great text to focus our writing to plan, draft and write our own versions of the Gruffalo. Will the mouse meet a badger, stoat or even a robin in the deep park woods before they encounter the Gruffalo? We will use the text to also support our GPaS lessons and look at different sentence types using adjectives to describe and different punctuation marks including inverted commas. 


This text is one our our favourite books, but I wonder, have you read any other books written by Julia Donaldson? Which was your favourite and why? Have you noticed any similarities between her stories, or even the illustrations? This is something we will be exploring as part of our learning this term too!    




In this time of home learning, the children in Robin class have really enjoyed the creative challenges that have been set for them. These can range from cross curricular learning for example RE, based on our class topic itself as well as focusing on one of the core school values of tolerance, resilience, curiosity and creativity. Here are some examples of the children's creative learning from last term. Can you guess our class topic?


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Robin Class Newsletter Term 3 January 2021

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