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Wainscott Primary School

Year 6 -Oak Class


Mrs Robson              Miss Warwick

If you require any further information, or would like to discuss your child’s learning. Please make an appointment via the school office.

Thank you for visiting our class page.

Summer Term 2 Year 6 Spelling List 'a'

Summer Term 2 Year 6 Spelling List 'b'

Summer Term 2 GDS Spelling List

Term 5 & 6 Topic - World War 2 - A Child's War


Our core text for terms 5 & 6 will be the award winning ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’ by the extremely talented Michelle Magorian, who received the 1982 IRA Children’s Book Award for the best first or second book by an author who shows unusual promise in the children’s book field.


This is a tale poised on the brink of WW II. One where a timid, scrawny Willie Beech – the abused child of a single mother – is evacuated to the English countryside. At first, he is terrified of everything, of the country sounds and sights, even Mr. Tom, the gruff, kindly old man who has taken him in. But gradually Willie forgets the hate and despair of his past. He learns to love a world he never knew existed, a world of friendship and affection in which harsh words and daily beatings have no place. Then a telegram comes. Willie must return to his mother in London. When weeks pass by with no word from Willie, Mr. Tom sets out for London to look for the young boy he has come to love as a son.


Term 5 Newsletter

Summer Term 1 Year 6 List 'a'

Summer Term 1 Year 6 List 'b'

Summer Term 2 Year 6 List 'a'

Summer Term 2 Year 6 List 'b'

Term 4 Topic- Weather Watchers

In term 4, year 6 will be reading one of Michael Morpurgo’s favourites – Kensuke’s Kingdom.



Michael disappeared on the night before his twelfth birthday, and only now can he tell his story. Finding himself washed up on an island in the Pacific, he struggles to survive on his own. With no food and no water, he curls up to die. When he wakes, there is a plate beside him of fish, of fruit and a bowl of fresh water. He is not alone….

Kensuke’s Kingdom is an exciting adventure story and will be used as the vehicle for a range of writing genres such as: balanced argument, postcards, letters, play scripts and narrative. This book is a real treat for lovers of drama filled stories. 

Oak Class Newsletter Term 4 February 2021

Spring Term 2 Year 6 List 'a'

Spring Term 2 Year 6 List 'b'

Oak Class Newsletter Term 3 January 2021

Spring Term 1 Year 6 List 'a'

Spring Term 1 Year 6 List 'b'

January Lockdown Gallery 2021

Oak Class Newsletter Term 2 November 2020

Autumn Term 1 Year 6 List 'a'

Autumn Term 1 Year 6 List 'b'

Oak Class Newsletter Term 1 September 2020


Please find below our termly spelling lists for Year 6. We would appreciate it if you would spend the time helping your child practise these using a variety of spelling strategies. The children will be tested every week on a Friday.  There are 2 spelling lists. Spelling list 'a' and spelling list 'b' for each week of the term. Select the list that your child will be tested on in school (they will know).

Most children will be practising 10 words weekly, whilst others may have a slightly different amount. Any questions please ask.  

Autumn Term 2 Year 6 List 'a'

Autumn Term 2 Year 6 List 'b'

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